Trust me, it's worth it.



These sessions are priced based on the amount of time you wish to have. 175 for 30 minutes and 250 for an hour.
Family sessions are outdoor in the evening when the light is best.
Average 60 images.



These sessions are either at home or outdoors. They are 1-1.5 hours long and can include as many outfit changes as you would like.
Average 60 Images.

Travel Studio Newborn Photos


This package includes your posed in home studio photos. I bring wraps and props to pose your baby on a beanbag. My set up does NOT ACCOMMODATE an entire family but we can do some family lifestyle at the end.

Newborn Lifestyle


Newborn Lifestyle Sessions are an average of 2 hours long and you get an average of 60 photos. These are done in the comfort of your home. DOES NOT INCLUDE POSED BEANBAG PHOTOS.



Please reach out on my contact me page for more info on birth! Price includes a local maternity session.
Add a lifestyle newborn session for $150!



- Keepsake Photo book for your Newborn or Fresh48 session.
Starts at $350 and goes up to $500


When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within a maximum of 4 weeks. This time frame includes short family albums, medium sized fresh48 and newborn albums, all the way to the large birth albums. I try and have 30 minute and 1 hour sessions done a bit faster though so I don't get to behind!

How do you photograph births?

Birth is something so intimate and personal. I want you to feel that I am supportive of you and there to make sure you have a great birth photography experience. We have multiple meeting upon your birth to spend time getting to know each other and I am present for your entire birth and after! Just know that this is YOUR birth and I am there to be exactly what you need, a fly on the wall creating beautiful memories for you.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based just outside of the OKC metro. I try and stick within a 35 mile radius of OKC for births because they can move quick and I need to know I can be there in a hurry if i need to. For all other sessions anything over 35 miles will have a small travel fee added onto it.

How many pictures will we receive?

Shorter sessions such as family and maternity receive an average of 60 photos. Medium length sessions like newborn and fresh48 include an average of 100-150 photos. Birth sessions can have up to 300 but have an average of 200 photos.
That being said, if the picture is good you get it! I am not going to hold anything back for the sake of an average (:

What type of sessions do you do?

I like to call myself a motherhood and family photographer. To me that means I capture everything motherhood from maternity to birth and immediately after like fresh48 and newborn sessions. I have also always been drawn to family, I love to take family photos year after year for my clients and watch them grow. Photos are so special to me because they freeze memories and I want all my clients to get that opportunity.

Do you offer payment plans

Yes, for birth! Since birth photography is more of an investment I give you the option of paying over the course of your pregnancy with the full amount due by 37 weeks when I officially go on-call.
For all other sessions I require a $50 deposit with the rest due before or at your session.
Deposits are nonrefundable.